Random Stream of Notes – The Christmas Edition

1. Sorry for messing up the Combloggerator everybody. I don’t know what happened, but problems with my blog caused started the chain reaction that cost Doppelganger Flutter part of his evening. I owe you a beer.
2. Grades came out Sunday. I did well. Well enough anyway. There is always room for improvement.
3. I still have a bunch of shopping left to do. I guess that is why I am taking tomorrow off.
4. The “Holiday Season Kick in the Nuts Elves” came to visit yesterday. The “Check Engine” light sprung to life in my truck on the way to work Monday morning. This is perfect timing considering I have all of my December disposable cash already budgeted for Christmas expenses. They are a few weeks early this year as opposed to last year when they visited us on New Years day to tear up my wife’s ankle. I guess they have an extra box of wrenches that need to get thrown into other’s works and they needed a head start on the season. Merry Christmas you F*@$%ing bastards.
5. I am attempting another shot at Linux over the holidays. I have the SUSE 10.0 ISOs. Hopefully the hardware I have at home will run the install. I’d really like to learn this system, but I was not blown away by the Slackware install I did earlier in the fall.

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