New log name

I am changing the name of the log. I am not sure I want to be associated with the word “moronic”. I may very well be a moron, but there is no need to advertise. I am changing the name to “An Utter Waste of Time”. As always, it is up to you to determine whose time is wasted…yours or mine.
I am waiting on a plumber to come and take a look at a drain pipe that is punctured by a nail. I know what you are thinking and no I did not nail into my pipes! It looks like it has been this way since the house was built. I think that water has trickled down the slab and has not caused too much damage, but I am not sure. If my general luck holds, the whole side of the house will be rotted out. You see, I have poor luck assuming you believe in that sort of thing. More as it becomes available.

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