Froot Loops have lost their magic

I had a bowl of Froot Loops today. They are not as good as I remember them to be. They went soggy too fast and the frosting was barely there at all. The question this experience has raised is: “Were froot loop manufactured better 20 years ago when I was a kid or do I just think that they were better?” Maybe they tasted like heaven when I was 8 because I did not have the wealth of taste experience that I have now. It seems everything was better as a kid than as an adult. Personally I blame it on the movement to protect children from anything that might be slightly unhealthy or dangerous. This has resulted in pretty much everything in life becoming a watered down version of its former self. We now have a world full of bland cereals, orange toy guns and rubber outdoor playsets. If there is no fear in life then how do you know to enjoy it?

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